Friday, December 28, 2012

2 Amazing Applique Quilts

 Bev Bannard is an amazing and prolific sewer.  Her stitching is always beautiful and her quilts are just stunning.  This is Bev's 'Ann Dagg's' Quilt.  A pattern by Di Ford.  Bev loves cross-hatching and feathers so this quilt has heaps of both.  All applique has been outlined and the centre panel then has a diamond pattern cross-hatch behind it.  The outer border has freeform feathers coming around the red flowers with straight-line either side of the applique. 

 This amazing quilt is Bev's version of the 'Mary Mannakee' Quilt.  The quilt was too large for me to get a photo of the entire quilt.  Bev has chosen the most amazing colour palate for this quilt - it is truly striking.  The background is a highly patterned white and black fabric, and her bright greens, yellow and burnt orange just set this quilt off beautifully. Following Bev's love of cross-hatching and feathers, I have sewn a diamond of very small diamond cross-hatching in the middle of each of the blocks with feathers leading off from them between all of the applique.  It was very difficult to capture a photo of the quilting but I have managed one clear shot below.  Each block then has a some cross-hatching echo and outlined to compliment the block.  I have used the colour co-ordinated threads and sewn the bare minimum onto all of the applique.  This is an epic quilt that is a credit to Bev's ability and patience.


Grove Documentation Quilt

 Clare Cross has made this beautiful quilt.  Clare started a class at Primarily Patchwork in 2005 and her stunning sewing has clearly done credit to this wonderful design.  This quilt lends itself to custom quilting and I have sewn a combination of feathers, swirls and crosshatching throughout to add some continuity to the quilt.  My favourite border is the hexagon flowers,  with a feather winding through the appliqued pieces and straight lines leading into the feathers.  I would also like to congratulate Clare on her use of fabrics, the colours all compliment each other so well throughout the entire quilt.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jo Botherway has made this gorgeous quilt over this last year, she was after a hand sewing project to work on while at her sewing friendship groups.  The pattern is one by Anne Sommerlad.  Jo has chosen the most divine border fabric to compliment the flowers.  I have used loads of feathers to quilt this quilt, all of the flowers have been outlined and then echoed around then the freeform feathers have framed each flower.  The border is feathers curling around the quilt, we treated the border and setting in triangles as one and this has helped create movement in the feathers as the wind around the quilt.  I have included a photo of the back of the quilt which shows the border design more clearly.  I loved working on this quilt and have totally fallen in love with the border fabric!  such rich colours.

What a beauty!

Roz Dunning is to be congratulated for this stunning quilt.  Roz started her first patchwork class at 'Primarily Patchwork' six years ago.  Roz was in one of the original classes to make the 'Morell Quilt'  and the class started with the instruction to have your backing fabric with you.  It is difficult to see the fabric clearly in the photos but Roz choose a very distinctive fabric that is a light brown check pattern with red and blue dots through it.  She has masterfully co-ordinated the muted tones of the backing fabric and the burgundy/red toned fabrics through the quilt.
The quilting I used was a combination of background patterns from crosshatching, feathers and of course my favourite curls and swirls that highlighted each individual block but used in combination have helped to tie the quilt together.  All applique has been outlined with the barest possible quilting on the applique to help anchor it down.