Sunday, December 9, 2012

What a beauty!

Roz Dunning is to be congratulated for this stunning quilt.  Roz started her first patchwork class at 'Primarily Patchwork' six years ago.  Roz was in one of the original classes to make the 'Morell Quilt'  and the class started with the instruction to have your backing fabric with you.  It is difficult to see the fabric clearly in the photos but Roz choose a very distinctive fabric that is a light brown check pattern with red and blue dots through it.  She has masterfully co-ordinated the muted tones of the backing fabric and the burgundy/red toned fabrics through the quilt.
The quilting I used was a combination of background patterns from crosshatching, feathers and of course my favourite curls and swirls that highlighted each individual block but used in combination have helped to tie the quilt together.  All applique has been outlined with the barest possible quilting on the applique to help anchor it down.


  1. This quilt is on my ever growing list, and your quilting is gorgeous!!

  2. What a lovely job you have done on the quilting! I have just discovered your blog and am now following. Love your Blog header too :)
    Every Stitch


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