Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reverse Applique Quilt

 Sue Forrest has made this beautiful reverse applique quilt - and I believe it took her 18months of sewing.  The circles have crosshatching in them with feathers and swirls in the spaces between.  The central panel has a feathered wreath with echo quilting and then swirls to highlight the centre.  I like to have the thread match the fabric as closely as possible so that the piecing is not overwhelmed by the quilting.

Clients Quilts


This beautiful quilt was made  by Dorothy Ramage, the quilt is called 'Mary Brown'.  You can view the entire quilt ondorothysthreadsoflife.blogspot.com/ I outlined all of the applique and quilted the background with a combination of freestyle feathers,  curls and swirls. On all of the applique I colour coordinated the thread to then sew stems into the leaves and petals into the flowers.

First post

I am just new to blogging and thought I would show some photos of my son Dane's quilt.  The pattern is 'Saville Rowe" by Judy Newman and I bought most of the fabrics at Amitie in Bentleigh.  Like most projects this one took me two years to complete  with Dane asking me almost every day when would his quilt be ready.  Patience is a virtue and the smallest member of our family now has the largest quilt in the house! (220cm x 220cm)  I love how all of the striped fabrics were fussycut into triangles and sewn into the 'square/circles'.