Monday, December 30, 2013

Miriam - Sarah Morell Quilt

 Miriam Norindor has made this Sarah Morell Quilt which I believe was purchased as a block of the month quilt from Threadbear.  Miriam wanted very heavy quilting with a particular love of circles, feathers, swirls and cross-hatching.  With so many different blocks I was able to incorporate these themes into most blocks.  The double stitch diamond cross-hatching featured in quite a few blocks.   Miriam finished this quilt back in October unfortunately my lack of computer knowledge has meant that I am only now able to show you some photo's.  I am still not very computer literate and must apologise for these four photo's being on their sides (I haven't figured out how to rotate photo's yet ;-)    

This is one of my favourite blocks of this quilt, I love how the feathers flow along the peacocks back.  There are more photos of this quilt on Miriam's blog Yellow Roses

Simone Meara - Civil War Bride

      Simone Meara has sewn this amazing quilt.  The pattern is the 'Civil War Bride" quilt by Corliss at Threadbare patchwork and Quilting.  Simone's stitching was immaculate and the quilting just flowed on this quilt.  I outlined all of the applique and then with colour co-ordinated thread I went over the larger pieces of applique with complimentary stitching - e.g.  the feathers in the body of the birds, stems in leaves or petals in the flowers.  We chose a circular background pattern to help tie all of the blocks together, with subjects as emu's, strawberries elephants and people there is a lot to look at in this quilt.   I love the red and black birds, they are gorgeous.

19th Century baskets

Joy Earle-Quick has made this truly beautiful quilt.  The pattern is one of Di Ford's from her book "Primarily Quilts".  Joy has used a gorgeous bright pink striped fabric for her flowers, they really made the flowers 'pop'  the colour is quite bright but a perfect choice for this quilt.  I have quilted around all of the applique as I feel this helps frame the work, I have then sewn very freeflowing feather vines coming out from the stems of the flowers.  I feel that this gives the quilt some movement and a flow.  Behind the main stem of leaves I have quilted a quite tight swirl pattern to allow the applique to stand out.  The borders have a combination of feathers and some cross-hatching that points into the centre of the quilt. 

My apologies for the lack of posts of late.  We have been without a computer for a while and have just got a new one for Christmas.  Now the family have finally got off it - it is my turn to 'play'.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Les Grand Fuilles de Rouge

Le Grand Feuilles de Rouge has been designed by Meghan Leslie.  Merri Garton has beautifully sewn this grand quilt, the background fabric was the most unique fabric choice as it was quite bright and has a geographic maps on it - Merri gave it a good drink of tea and has created a 'warm' and original background.  We decided to quilt the border with straight lines across the entire border.  I love the effect created with three lines together, I repeated this pattern on a smaller scale in the centre of the appliqué motifs.  We also decided that feathers would compliment the flowers/leaves but we didnt want them to dominate the quilt so I have quilted quite large feathers as a frame around each flower.  I must also say that I am a fan of the cherry red fabric Merri has used in the flowers.  Meghan you have designed a very elegant quilt that allows the applique to shine.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Having spent countless hours looking at photos of quilting on blogs and pinterest I decided that it was time for me to have a play.  I recently purchased a few quilting tools from Westalee Designs, some new curved rulers and I was keen to seee what kind of shapes they would help to create.  The important thing was that I had fun doing a little bit of quilting for myself.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Carole Egan's 'Sarah Morell Quilt'

Carole Egan has made this wonderful 'Sarah Morell' quilt.  It is one of Di Ford's patterns and is in her book 'Primarily Quilts'.  The 'Morell Quilt' is such an epic piece of work and if I remember correctly  has taken Carole five years to complete.  I like to quilt this quilt by treating each block individually with a series of designs that are repeated throughout the quilt to give it some consistency.  For example all of the pieced blocks had straight cross-hatching on them, all of the toile blocks had the feathered wreath on them and the broderie purse blocks had a combination of curls and swirls behind them.

Beautiful Chintz Panel

Dorothy Ramage is an amzing sewer who always makes the most beautiful quilts.  This quilt has a wonderful chintz panel that Dorothy appliqued onto the background fabric.  As a quilter this was a challenging centre as is is an asymmetrycal panel.  I wanted the quilting to frame the panel without dominating the quilt, I chose to sew the corner feathers in a freeform manner (the feathers are different sizes and there are curls within the feathers) as it is in keeping with the style of the quilt while drawing the eye into the chintz panel.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Deb King - Sally-Ann Quilt

  My Favourite Quilt is 'Homage to Sally-Ann'  the pattern is from the girls at 'Primarily Patchwork'.  Deb King has made a truly beautiful quilt,  her background is a lemon and white patterned fabric and the flowers are a bright cherry colour.  The quilt has  a lovely 'crisp' look to it and each flower shines.  I wanted to keep the open feeling of this quilt so I chose quite open quilting patterns.  Both the border wreath and the central boquet have freeflowing feathers coming out of them all with a circular pattern in the stem of the feathers.  This circular pattern is repeated behind the applique wreath, with diamond cross-hatching and straight lines behind the centre and border applique.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Moreen's - 'Wedding Sampler Revisited'

Moreen Dainty Has Made this beautiful quilt.  It is a pattern by Di Ford named 'Antique Wedding Sampler'  -revisited.   The pattern for this ecquisite quilt can be found in the book 'Primarily Quilts' by Di Ford and published by Quiltmania.  Moreen has patiently made this gorgeous quilt over a couple of years as the quilt has a lot of broderie purse as well as needleturn applique and of course much piecing that has all been sewn by hand.  As each block is different I have quilted using a few different quilting patterns that have been used in various blocks to enhance each one.  The setting in triangles have very heavy quilting that I feel 'lifts' the applique.  Loads of feathers and echo quilting in a matching thread have also been used.  This is a beautiful quilt that reflects Moreen's obvious sewing ability.

Avignon by Julie

 Julie Cashin  has lovingly sewn this beautiful bright quilt.  The pattern is 'Avignon'  by Di Ford.  I love the green and the bright red colours in this quilt.  I have echo quilted the applique and then have freeform feather sprays coming out of the flowerpot to accentuate the flowing feel of the flowers.  The next two borders have a combination of cross-hatching and semi-circles.  The final border I have quilted a curling feather pattern across the very wide fabric. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Project

 Hello everyone and welcome to 2013.  It has been some time since I have posted anything as the start of the year has flown by.  I have to confess that I feel as though the year has just begun and already we are at the end of May.
For christmas last year, I treated myself to some fabric -  like we need an excuse ;-).  As the girls at 'Somerset patchwork'  pointed out, I choose 'redhead green'.  they have me figured out as I am definately a fan of green and the background fabric just spoke to me.  I was fortunate enough to quilt a beautiful quilt by Merri Garton last year and it inspired me to make this wall hanging - oh to have the time to complete an entire quilt.  The pattern is called 'Feather with Flowers' and is from the Fons and Porter book titled 'Quilts from the Henry Ford museum'  I just love applique and have thoroughly enjoyed sewing this piece.  Being a quilter I have had a lot of fun quilting it also,  it is very heavily quilted with some cross-hatching, feathers and then loads of freeform curls and swirls.  I love the look and texture of mixing quite formal and tratitional quilting styles with the freeform patterns.