Sunday, June 9, 2013

Moreen's - 'Wedding Sampler Revisited'

Moreen Dainty Has Made this beautiful quilt.  It is a pattern by Di Ford named 'Antique Wedding Sampler'  -revisited.   The pattern for this ecquisite quilt can be found in the book 'Primarily Quilts' by Di Ford and published by Quiltmania.  Moreen has patiently made this gorgeous quilt over a couple of years as the quilt has a lot of broderie purse as well as needleturn applique and of course much piecing that has all been sewn by hand.  As each block is different I have quilted using a few different quilting patterns that have been used in various blocks to enhance each one.  The setting in triangles have very heavy quilting that I feel 'lifts' the applique.  Loads of feathers and echo quilting in a matching thread have also been used.  This is a beautiful quilt that reflects Moreen's obvious sewing ability.

Avignon by Julie

 Julie Cashin  has lovingly sewn this beautiful bright quilt.  The pattern is 'Avignon'  by Di Ford.  I love the green and the bright red colours in this quilt.  I have echo quilted the applique and then have freeform feather sprays coming out of the flowerpot to accentuate the flowing feel of the flowers.  The next two borders have a combination of cross-hatching and semi-circles.  The final border I have quilted a curling feather pattern across the very wide fabric.