Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Deb King - Sally-Ann Quilt

  My Favourite Quilt is 'Homage to Sally-Ann'  the pattern is from the girls at 'Primarily Patchwork'.  Deb King has made a truly beautiful quilt,  her background is a lemon and white patterned fabric and the flowers are a bright cherry colour.  The quilt has  a lovely 'crisp' look to it and each flower shines.  I wanted to keep the open feeling of this quilt so I chose quite open quilting patterns.  Both the border wreath and the central boquet have freeflowing feathers coming out of them all with a circular pattern in the stem of the feathers.  This circular pattern is repeated behind the applique wreath, with diamond cross-hatching and straight lines behind the centre and border applique.

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