Thursday, September 19, 2013

Les Grand Fuilles de Rouge

Le Grand Feuilles de Rouge has been designed by Meghan Leslie.  Merri Garton has beautifully sewn this grand quilt, the background fabric was the most unique fabric choice as it was quite bright and has a geographic maps on it - Merri gave it a good drink of tea and has created a 'warm' and original background.  We decided to quilt the border with straight lines across the entire border.  I love the effect created with three lines together, I repeated this pattern on a smaller scale in the centre of the appliqué motifs.  We also decided that feathers would compliment the flowers/leaves but we didnt want them to dominate the quilt so I have quilted quite large feathers as a frame around each flower.  I must also say that I am a fan of the cherry red fabric Merri has used in the flowers.  Meghan you have designed a very elegant quilt that allows the applique to shine.

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