Monday, December 30, 2013

Miriam - Sarah Morell Quilt

 Miriam Norindor has made this Sarah Morell Quilt which I believe was purchased as a block of the month quilt from Threadbear.  Miriam wanted very heavy quilting with a particular love of circles, feathers, swirls and cross-hatching.  With so many different blocks I was able to incorporate these themes into most blocks.  The double stitch diamond cross-hatching featured in quite a few blocks.   Miriam finished this quilt back in October unfortunately my lack of computer knowledge has meant that I am only now able to show you some photo's.  I am still not very computer literate and must apologise for these four photo's being on their sides (I haven't figured out how to rotate photo's yet ;-)    

This is one of my favourite blocks of this quilt, I love how the feathers flow along the peacocks back.  There are more photos of this quilt on Miriam's blog Yellow Roses

Simone Meara - Civil War Bride

      Simone Meara has sewn this amazing quilt.  The pattern is the 'Civil War Bride" quilt by Corliss at Threadbare patchwork and Quilting.  Simone's stitching was immaculate and the quilting just flowed on this quilt.  I outlined all of the applique and then with colour co-ordinated thread I went over the larger pieces of applique with complimentary stitching - e.g.  the feathers in the body of the birds, stems in leaves or petals in the flowers.  We chose a circular background pattern to help tie all of the blocks together, with subjects as emu's, strawberries elephants and people there is a lot to look at in this quilt.   I love the red and black birds, they are gorgeous.

19th Century baskets

Joy Earle-Quick has made this truly beautiful quilt.  The pattern is one of Di Ford's from her book "Primarily Quilts".  Joy has used a gorgeous bright pink striped fabric for her flowers, they really made the flowers 'pop'  the colour is quite bright but a perfect choice for this quilt.  I have quilted around all of the applique as I feel this helps frame the work, I have then sewn very freeflowing feather vines coming out from the stems of the flowers.  I feel that this gives the quilt some movement and a flow.  Behind the main stem of leaves I have quilted a quite tight swirl pattern to allow the applique to stand out.  The borders have a combination of feathers and some cross-hatching that points into the centre of the quilt. 

My apologies for the lack of posts of late.  We have been without a computer for a while and have just got a new one for Christmas.  Now the family have finally got off it - it is my turn to 'play'.