Monday, December 30, 2013

Miriam - Sarah Morell Quilt

 Miriam Norindor has made this Sarah Morell Quilt which I believe was purchased as a block of the month quilt from Threadbear.  Miriam wanted very heavy quilting with a particular love of circles, feathers, swirls and cross-hatching.  With so many different blocks I was able to incorporate these themes into most blocks.  The double stitch diamond cross-hatching featured in quite a few blocks.   Miriam finished this quilt back in October unfortunately my lack of computer knowledge has meant that I am only now able to show you some photo's.  I am still not very computer literate and must apologise for these four photo's being on their sides (I haven't figured out how to rotate photo's yet ;-)    

This is one of my favourite blocks of this quilt, I love how the feathers flow along the peacocks back.  There are more photos of this quilt on Miriam's blog Yellow Roses

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