Monday, December 30, 2013

Simone Meara - Civil War Bride

      Simone Meara has sewn this amazing quilt.  The pattern is the 'Civil War Bride" quilt by Corliss at Threadbare patchwork and Quilting.  Simone's stitching was immaculate and the quilting just flowed on this quilt.  I outlined all of the applique and then with colour co-ordinated thread I went over the larger pieces of applique with complimentary stitching - e.g.  the feathers in the body of the birds, stems in leaves or petals in the flowers.  We chose a circular background pattern to help tie all of the blocks together, with subjects as emu's, strawberries elephants and people there is a lot to look at in this quilt.   I love the red and black birds, they are gorgeous.

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