Friday, October 3, 2014

Merri Garton's 'Beamish' Quilt

 Merri's epic quilt is simply stunning.  This is her version of the Beamish Quilt that is so big I couldn't get a photo of the entire quilt.  Loads of beautiful applique, I can only imagine how long Merri has been working on this creation.  I have quilted around all of the applique as I feel this helps to frame each piece and I have then colour co-ordinated the thread and quilted on the larger applique.  This quilt spoke to me of feathers and cross-hatching - with the occasional freeform curl and swirl;-)  

Pennsylvania Baskets

Pennsylvania Baskets has been a quilt made by Linda Collins and a friendship group that she belongs to.  These gorgeous baskets have all been made by the different members of the group and we decided to quilt every basket differently.  Some have very freeform leaves and vines, some have very traditional cross-hatching and some are a combination of these themes.  This was a beautiful and bright quilt to work on.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Robin's Nest by Elizabeth Grierson

This beautiful quilt has been completely hand sewn by Elizabeth Grierson.  She has made this block of the month project from Somerset Patchwork, 'Robin's Nest' was designed by Karen Styles and has so many intricate pieces.  Feathers have featured heavily in the quilting of this quilt as have a few of my freeform curls ;-)  

Margaret Cairns Glacier Star Quilt

 Margaret Cairns has made this 'Glacier Star' quilt by Judy Niemeyer at classes at 'Sewn and Quilted' in Blackburn.  It is a striking quilt that just glows in the sunlight.  Margaret wanted her quilt heavily quilted as it is going to be a wall hanging.  I have quilted in matching threads so that the quilting will add texture to the quilt without dominating it.  A combination of feathers, pebbles, echo quilting and curls and swirls have all been included in this quilt.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gorgeous Sampler

Judy Smith has made this beautiful sampler quilt about 15 years ago and after using it to teach with for quite some time she dicided that the time had come to finish the project.  It is a well balanced sampler as the blocks compliment each other so well. The unpieced blocks gave me a chance to do some elaborate quilting.  As did the lovely scalloped border.

My favourite combination - curls and cross-hatching.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ellen Borg's 'Phebe' quilt

 This beautiful quilt has been lovingly made by Ellen Borg, The pattern is 'Phebe" and can be found in Di Ford's book - Primarily Quilts.  Ellen has hand sewn this entire project - what patience and skill!  This quilt has been on quite a journey as Ellen lives in Norway and I am in Melbourne - Australia.  There a  few people to thank for their assistance in transporting Ellen's quilt both to and back, Moreen, Linda and Randi, I appreciate all of your help.  Through many emails back and forth we decided to quilt the centre blocks with feathers coming out of the main vase to enhance the look of a full flower pot.  All applique has been outlines with minimal quilting on the applique - flower petals and feathers on the birds e.t.c  The star border has alternating feather wreath and cross-hatching and this design was then repeated in the final border.  This quilt has been quite heavily quilted which has added a lovely texture to this very detailed quilt.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Applique Bird Quilt.

Bev Bannard  has made her quilt with inspiration from Irene Blanck's pattern.   Bev loves cross-hatching in her quilts so I have quilted the central panel with quite tight cross-hatching and complimented that with a larger cross behind the applique flowers.  The final border has feathers winding around the delicate hexagon blocks.  This is a lovely quilt and I really enjoyed working on it.

Applique Basket Quilt

Deirdre Farrar has made this gorgeous quilt - all hand pieced.  The fabric is from a range called 'Wuthering Heights' and the pattern and fabric were all put together in a cute basket.  I have quilted the central panel with flowing feathers and a tight circular pattern.  The rest of the quilt had alternating pink blocks - that I quilted a feathered wreath with pebbles, and the pieced blue and cream blocks that were quilted with a feather wreath, double wavy lines and the heart design that I repeated around the central block.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ann Mulvany - beautiful quilt

This striking quilt has been made by Ann Mulvany - the pattern is 'Ballaarat Beauties' by Michelle Yeo.  Ann has added two more rows of circles to make a large queen size quilt and slightly changed the placement of the circles in her design.. The result is a striking quilt that has so much beautiful and precise piecing.  All of the white backing fabrc I have quilted a feather that points into the centre of the quilt and then I have had a wonderful time quilting each circle with different patterns that enhance each of the pieced designs.  Lots of circles freeform hearts, curls, wavy lines .

The border was a feather and cross-hatching design.

I think this one is my favourite block.

Or maybe this block ;-) 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Proud Mum

This is my adorable son Kyan.  A year ago when Kyan was 8yrs old he was given a large stash of fabrics, at the time we cut into 3inch strips and he used my domestic sewing machine to sew the strips together.  As any good project takes time, it was a year later that we went shopping to organise the backing fabric - Kyan choose a blue fabric with brown polkadots in flannel fabric, he not ony has one of the largest quilts in the house but definitely one of  the cosiest.  He helped me pin his quilt onto my long arm sewing machine and then I let him do most of the quilting too.  We have loved working on this project together and I am so proud of him persisting with his quilt through to completion.