Monday, January 20, 2014

Ann Mulvany - beautiful quilt

This striking quilt has been made by Ann Mulvany - the pattern is 'Ballaarat Beauties' by Michelle Yeo.  Ann has added two more rows of circles to make a large queen size quilt and slightly changed the placement of the circles in her design.. The result is a striking quilt that has so much beautiful and precise piecing.  All of the white backing fabrc I have quilted a feather that points into the centre of the quilt and then I have had a wonderful time quilting each circle with different patterns that enhance each of the pieced designs.  Lots of circles freeform hearts, curls, wavy lines .

The border was a feather and cross-hatching design.

I think this one is my favourite block.

Or maybe this block ;-) 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Proud Mum

This is my adorable son Kyan.  A year ago when Kyan was 8yrs old he was given a large stash of fabrics, at the time we cut into 3inch strips and he used my domestic sewing machine to sew the strips together.  As any good project takes time, it was a year later that we went shopping to organise the backing fabric - Kyan choose a blue fabric with brown polkadots in flannel fabric, he not ony has one of the largest quilts in the house but definitely one of  the cosiest.  He helped me pin his quilt onto my long arm sewing machine and then I let him do most of the quilting too.  We have loved working on this project together and I am so proud of him persisting with his quilt through to completion.