Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ellen Borg's 'Phebe' quilt

 This beautiful quilt has been lovingly made by Ellen Borg, The pattern is 'Phebe" and can be found in Di Ford's book - Primarily Quilts.  Ellen has hand sewn this entire project - what patience and skill!  This quilt has been on quite a journey as Ellen lives in Norway and I am in Melbourne - Australia.  There a  few people to thank for their assistance in transporting Ellen's quilt both to and back, Moreen, Linda and Randi, I appreciate all of your help.  Through many emails back and forth we decided to quilt the centre blocks with feathers coming out of the main vase to enhance the look of a full flower pot.  All applique has been outlines with minimal quilting on the applique - flower petals and feathers on the birds e.t.c  The star border has alternating feather wreath and cross-hatching and this design was then repeated in the final border.  This quilt has been quite heavily quilted which has added a lovely texture to this very detailed quilt.

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