Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Claire Cross beautiful red and green applique

Claire Cross has made this beautiful traditional quilt.  I think this quilt might win the prize for longest project as it was started 13 years ago at a class at Primarily Patchwork.  Claire completed the 4 central blocks at the class and has created her own border pattern to complement the centre.  This quilt was originally made to be draped over the back of Claire's brown leather couch - we shared a laugh as I also have an unfinished quilt that was started for the same reason although I suspect that I will be replacing my couch before my quilt gets finished;-)
I loved quilting on the white fabric of this quilt, the cross-hatching in the centre compliments the applique and the feather in the centre helps tie the 4 blocks together.  The triangle blocks in the border I have quilted a quite heavily with echo and swirls freeform pattern, I feel that this helps 'lift' the applique so it sits higher and remains the main feature of the quilt.

I have taken some time between posts as this quilt has thoroughly inspired me to create my own white quilt, I have been working on my own project for a while now and want to thank Claire for her inspiration. I will share photos of my own quilt in a future post.

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