Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sue Forrest - Amazing Reverse Applique Quilt

Sue Forrest has made this amazing Reverse Applique Quilt.  The pattern is a 'Bon Bon Design' called 'Pas De Deux'.  The quilt is a queen size quilt entirely reverse appliqued (aside from the red inner border ;-) which I feel frames the centre block beautifully.  Sue has spent three years making this quilt, I have been working on it and marvelling at the precision and size of Sue's stitching, look at how fine some of the stems in the leaves and flowers are.  The basket is also amazingly detailed.

To quilt this quilt I have sewn along the inside edge of the applique in co-ordinating thread to help the applique stand out.  I also echo quilted around all of the applique to help frame it.  In the outer border I have then sewn the triple cross-hatching lines, the repeated lines help the applique be the feature of the quilt.  In the centre block I quilted freeflowing feathers to help enhance the look of the abundant vase of flowers.  I have always had a soft spot for a red and green quilt and this one is truly striking.

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