Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My creation!

Hello everyone,  I have been working on this original designed quilt for over a year now - I just loved the hand sewing of the stars, that delicious green fabric for the border and quilting her to create the gorgeous texture of quilting that I love and a secondary design element to give the quilt life.
I would like to thank everyone for following me on my blog and take this time to mention that in the battle for computer time, I am not doing very well at all;-) so although I will keep this blog, it is unlikely that I will post on it again.  I have opened an Instagram account and in the future will be posting my work on that forum.  If you would like to follow me there I can be found at katrinas_quilting  or Katrina Wilson.
Thanks again and happy sewing  

Judy Smith gorgeous creation.

Judy Smith is to be credited for her amazing work on this beautiful quilt!  The centre panel is a design by Di Ford and the remainder of the medallion quilt is Judy's own design.  I believe like most quilts, this one started as a small project and grew quickly into quite a large quilt.  Quilts really do have a life of their own!  I have quilted this quilt quite heavily with a combination of feathers, cross-hatching a pebbles.  With just a few curls to balance out the design.  I did love working on this quilt, thanks Judy.